The internet you use and the websites your browse. These are just a fraction of the entire web. Some of you would be knowing this widely popular fact about the hidden world of Darknet. But, your knowledge shouldn’t be limited to this fact. So, we are here to tell you more about this underground world for the “underground”.

The Darknet can’t be accessed using the regular web browser and internet connection. You can access this by using encryption mechanisms like TOR or some other password protected forums.

Many of you would be aware that the TOR network (The Onion Router) was developed by the United States Navy Research Laboratory in 1990’s. The reason was to communicate securely and its code was later released under a free license.

By configuring your TOR browser,  you can access the Darknet websites. Apart from being a means to express your views freely, whistleblowing and secure communications. For exemple, the Darknet is home to illegal products. It’s widely used to share child pornography, drugs, and other illegal information.

The Darknet exists from a long time and it’s impossible for the governments to control what’s going on there with the available tools.

Bat Blue has made an interesting infographic that brings the basic principles of the Darknet and tells the ways to access the Darknet securely. Take a look:

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